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"A richly told tale of strange magic, dark treachery, and conflicting loyalties, set in a well-realized world"—Robin Hobb

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The Gathering Of The Lost

The Wall of Night Series Book Two

© Helen Lowe 2012

"This is an author with a gift for Fantasy" ~ Nebula Award-winner,  Catherine Asaro

"The Gathering of the Lost returns the reader to a world of hidden history and shadowed loyalties and keeps you there until well past your bedtime, loving every minute of it."Fantasy Book Review


The Gathering of the Lost News:

In 2013, The Gathering of The Lost, (The Wall Of Night Book Two), was shortlisted for the David Gemmell Legend Award 2013.


Here's what three fellow authors have to say:

Helen Lowe writes wonderful stories, yes, but her work also speaks with lyricism to deeper questions of how we treat each other.  With lovely prose that brings vivid life to her characters, she creates a universe with people we care about. This is an author with a gift for fantasy.”  ~ Nebula Award-winner, Catherine Asaro

“Helen Lowe’s writing moves from strength to strength. Powerful story lines, memorable characters and a vividly imagined world.” ~ Juliet Marillier

"So if you've any fondness for epic fantasy, I highly recommend you give The Wall of Night series a try. I can't wait for the next novel in the series." ~ Courtney Schafer


The Gathering of the Lost: The Adventure Continues... 

Five years after the Wall of Night was breached and her stronghold home assaulted, Malian of Night and her friend and ally, Kalan, remain missing, believed dead in the wild country of Jaransor.

But not all accept Malian's death, and now her enmies are on the hunt. From the wealthy River city of Ij to the isolated Emerian outpost of Normarch, rumors of dark forces and darker magic are growing. Suspicion falls on the heralds, Tarathan of Ar and Jehane Mor, who find themselves caught in a web of intrigue and murder during the Ijiri Festival of Masks. They flee bearing word of a death on the Wall—and a call to duty and honor that Malian and Kalan must answer or be forsworn.

Yet after five years of searching, the legendary weapons of the Derai's greatest hero remain lost. Without them, a return to the Wall of Nightpromises only defeat and death.

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Reviews for The Gathering of the Lost

SF Site:

"Helen Lowe's  Wall of Night series has the potential to become a classic right up there with the likes of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire." 

SF Signal:

"All the best Epic Fantasy elements are present, a strong character-driven story, high adventure and magic, beautiful prose... Lowe is clearly forging her place as an epic fantasist to pay attention to and read."

Fantasy Book Review:

"The Gathering of the Lost returns the reader to a world of hidden history and shadowed loyalties and keeps you there until well past your bedtime, loving every minute of it." 

Fantasy Literature:

"Like all good sequels, The Gathering of the Lost is bigger, longer and more complex than its predecessor, expanding on the world and its characters...an immensly satisfying second installment."


"The Gathering of the Lost...is...entertaining epic fantasy at its best...it's bigger, better and more complex."

Radio New Zealand "Afternoons":

"I loved this book and I didn't want it to end."

Note: the review begins approximately 5.50 minutes into the podcast.

Canvas (New Zealand Herald):

"Lowe's world is...richly imagined with vivid characters."

Otago Daily Times:

"The Gathering of the Lost...has gone a long way toward reawakening my interest in Fantasy."


An excellent sequel to The Heir of Night...a book that demands to be read and takes the story in a direction I had not anticipated."

Burn Bright:

"The Gathering of the Lost not only easily matches the brilliance of its predecessor but in many ways surpasses it. Like all good epic fantasy sequels its bigger and better than ever and with another killer ending."

Falcata Times:

"Add to this solid writing, a fluid descriptive style...a cracking plot line and enough twists to keep the reader confused and it'll make you demand the third part after the last page is turned."

Dark Matter-zine:

"The Gathering of the Lost is a must-read for anyone who enjoys fantasy and excellent prose."


"The strong imagery is truly thrilling. I could just imagine the book as a movie in my head, with it's clever plot and vivid characters it's the ulitmate fanatsy novel."

Waiting for Fairies:

"The story has...grown deeper, wider...Lowe has managed to shake the very foundations of her world...while paradoxically reamining true to the expectations she laid out in the first book."

I Smell Sheep:

"This story is richly layered with multiple story lines coming together...The Wall of Night series has enthralled me."


"This is a world filled with action, magic, intrigue and betrayal. It is a story of a complex world, a story that demands attention yet is easy to read, a story that is fantastical but 'plausible'."

Fantasy Reviews:

"I love this series of fantasy fiction. ...Helen Lowe almost effortlessly brings to life the complex and fascinating world of Haarth...I can't wait for the next instalment in the series."